Acura Explore NSX

Synergy of Man, Machine

When Acura launched Build Your NSX, it employed a configurator embraced by its dealerships and customers. In our second collaboration, Razorfish and Acura expanded on the human stories and design and engineering philosophies behind the legendary supercar. We prepared for the launch of Explore NSX, maintaining its foundational form with new levels of refinement.


Sport Mode

From wireframes and visual design to technical reviews and development, the Explore NSX launch was a collaborative effort between our teams in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Cockpit Wireframes
Component Review
Design Exploration

The audacious spirit of the NSX is reflected in its mechanicals—individually and collectively—to tell a captivating story of design informed engineering.

Mounts & Subframe
Twin Turbo V6 Engine
Multi-Material Space Frame
Low Center of Gravity

Each NSX mechanical was deconstructed into its most basic element, then given a layer of polish to extend the design language.

Hybrid Regenerative Braking
Torque Vectoring

A rich collection of interactive components were crafted and enhancements made to existing ones to further push each chapter.

Image Slider Component
Tri-Slash Component
Quote Component
Card Carousel Component
Hotspot Component

The responsive site focuses on content, inviting customers and enthusiasts to learn about NSX regardless of device.

Engineering, Cockpit & Design Stories
Engineering Story
Sport+ Mode
Engineering Story
Design, Dynamics & Cockpit Stories
Track Mode
Dynamics & Cockpit Stories
Design Story
Dynamics, Engineering & Cockpit Stories
Sport+ Mode