Intel Homepage Strategy

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In a highly competitive technology industry, Intel dares to lead. Seeking to increase brand awareness and build momentum around its products and innovations, Intel embraced a powerful, energetic, and authoritative identity system. As Intel’s longstanding partner, Razorfish introduced this distinctive look and feel to all its digital channels, starting with the homepage.

Intel Homepage Strategy

The homepage strategy was comprised of three main ingredients: innovations, products, and announcements. This simplified taxonomy highlighted Intel’s core offerings and routed customers and businesses accordingly.

Smart Spider Dress
SMS BioSport Earbuds
Opening Ceremony Announcement

New components with light interactivity bridged the experience of technology and human connection, enriching digital stories across

Carousel Component
Toggle Component Example 1
Toggle Component Example 2
Video Player Component

With the use of mobile and tablets surpassing desktop engagement, the homepage strategy needed to be developed using responsive technology.

Responsive Experience
Innovative Photography
Desktop Experience
Product Photography
Mobile Experience
Tablet Experience
Brand Photography: Space
Brand Photography: Nature