Samsung Beacon

Sharing The Next Big Thing

With only four months to go before the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone, Samsung countered with an ambitious campaign for their Galaxy S III smartphone. As part of a larger brand initiative, Razorfish focused on the concept of sharing and launched an entire content distribution platform called Beacon. From an editorial standpoint the content was for and about mobile culture.

Samsung Beacon Brand Identity
Meet Beacon

Racing against the clock, our San Francisco and Austin teams collaborated on Beacon’s visual identity. The logo, brand colors, iconography, and site components were crafted in just under three weeks.

Component Explorations
Component Library
Brand Icons
Samsung Beacon Brand Identity Explorations

Beacon lived exclusively on Galaxy S III smartphones and was later extended to all Samsung devices. Content was written and shared daily with its owners.

News Articles On The Go
The smartphone nobody saw coming
New moves in Times Square

Exclusive only to Galaxy S III owners, Samsung partnered with broadcast networks and music artists to share free downloadable content.

30 Rock
Exclusive Downloads: 30 Rock
The Black Keys
Exclusive Downloads: The Black Keys

Beacon shared the latest Samsung innovations and technology, enabling consumers to browse, learn more and purchase.

Browsing & Shopping

With a responsive design system at its core, Beacon scaled seamlessly across all of Samsung’s mobile devices.

Responsive Cross-Device Support
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