Taco Bell Mobile Ordering App

A Tasty Refresh

Taco Bell operates more like a nimble sailing vessel than a giant cruise ship. Their employees know the brand and customers inside out and are dedicated to innovation. They needed a refreshed mobile ordering app that was easy to use and engages new customers.


Our team scaled the west coast including key individuals from the east. We began with a roadmapping session to identity user behaviors and project goals, including seamless integration of the mobile ordering app and system.


Crave-worthy photography and a silky user experience live at the heart of this app. Customers are quickly able to order their food remotely, pay for items on their phone, and pickup their order at a specific location.

Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos
Tutorial, Home, Category Landing Page
Soft Taco - Beef
Category Listing Screen, Category Landing Page

Customers were given an easy-to-use customization feature to upgrade their order whether it be adding toppings, selecting different drink sizes, adding sides, or more.

Burrito Supreme
Product Description Page, Customize

Taco Bell wanted to seamlessly manage the interaction between the digital and physical, simplifying the mobile commerce checkout experience.

Crunchy Taco
Cart, Checkout
Store Location
Store Locator, Confirmation Tracker

Returning customers can save their favorite orders and receive special offers simply by creating an account.

Grane Scrambler
My Account, Favorites

We even hid an Easter egg. Mission to Más was created to “edu-tain” and increase brand loyalty.

Mission to Más Logo
Mission to Más Gameplay

Because Taco Bell’s mobile app and desktop site share the same Hybris E-commerce solution, our team also gave Ta.Co a refreshed look and feel.

Ta.Co Responsive Experience
Double Decker Taco
Ta.Co Tablet Experience
Ta.Co Mobile Experience