Hewlett Packard Enterprise


With the successful launch of HPE’s external facing website, our challenge was creating an internal facing Newsroom for HPE employees. There needed to be congruency in visual design with an easy-to-use search functionality. The design system also needed to be templatized for HPE to update on a regular basis.

HPE Newsroom Desktop & Mobile

Press Releases

Press releases were routed internally here first before being shared externally with the press and news outlets. I designed a flexible template for content owners to upload marquee images and body text.

HPE Newsroom Press Releases

Corporate Blog

The newsroom housed the corporate blog where employees could gain insight into other areas of the company. Working with UX, we decided to create an hierarchical structure for mobile, giving the three latest blog posts prominence.

HPE Newsroom Corporate Blog
HPE Newsroom Responsive


The leadership team and bios were also neatly placed in the newsroom. Employees were able to learn more about their leaders while bios were ready to export for the press as needed.

HPE Newsroom Leadership

News Archives

Our team created a more intuitive way to search. User research suggested surfacing no more than the five most recent years of news. Hierarchically newer, recent releases would live at the top of the search results.

HPE Newsroom News Archives
HPE Newsroom News Archives Search Results

Cross Platform

A responsive experience was of high importance because of the timely nature of late-breaking news. The newsroom needed to be accessible and device-agnostic.

HPE Newsroom Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


  • Concept
  • User Experience
  • Design Lead
  • Art Direction