Intel Homepage Strategy

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In a highly competitive technology industry, Intel dares to lead. Seeking to increase brand awareness and build momentum around its products and innovations, Intel embraced a powerful, energetic, and authoritative identity system. I helped introduce this visually distinct look and feel to its homepage.

Intel Homepage Strategy

The homepage strategy was comprised of three main ingredients: innovations, products, and announcements. This simplified taxonomy highlighted Intel’s core offerings and routed customers and businesses accordingly.

Smart Spider Dress
SMS BioSport Earbuds
Opening Ceremony Announcement

I designed and introduced new components with light interactivity, bridging the experience of technology and human connection, enriching digital stories across

Carousel Component
Toggle Component Example 1
Toggle Component Example 2
Video Player Component

With the use of mobile and tablets surpassing desktop engagement, the homepage strategy needed to be developed using responsive technology. I ensured every hierarchical component scaled properly while retaining visual impact.

Responsive Experience
Innovative Photography
Desktop Experience
Product Photography
Mobile Experience
Tablet Experience
Brand Photography: Space
Brand Photography: Nature


  • Brand Development
  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • User Experience
  • Design Lead
  • Art Direction