Netflix Social Ads

Shareable Art & Copy

I worked alongside Netflix to build on its internationally recognized brand. Targeted social media ads were created with two goals: to introduce Netflix as more than just an entertainment company; and share with subscribers the latest titles on its service.

The Silence of the Lambs
Have an old friend over for dinner and a movie.

Limited title artwork was available to use. Instead, I concepted with a copywriter to design and illustrate these social media ads.

Don Jon
A revealing look at love. Kind of like your browser history. Watch Don Jon on Netflix.
The Fifth Element
She’s now on Netflix. Perfect.
Saturday Morning Cartoons
Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons anytime because you’re an adult and you can do whatever you want.
Inhale all 8 seasons. Weeds, now streaming.
House, M.D.
Addicted to House? We’ve got you covered. Take 8 seasons of House, M.D. immediately.
We’ll keep this short. Rudy. On Netflix.

Netflix specified two groups of subscribers—Connected Enthusiasts and Open Minded Aficionados—they wanted to serve on Facebook and Twitter. With that in mind, I designed these ads primarily in a square format to retain visual consistency.

Twitter: The Fifth Element
Facebook: Don Jon, Weeds & House, M.D.
Facebook: Jobs
Facebook: Rudy

Each social ad was further A/B tested among these groups of subscribers. I designed each ad to work with a variety of copy lines.

A/B Testing: The Fifth Element
A/B Testing: Don Jon
A/B Testing: The Silence of the Lambs

As a result, my creative team and I won sfADDY, Type Directors Club, and VMA Showcase awards.

sfADDY: Reed & Travis
sfADDY: Reed
Type Directors Club Communication Design Awards


  • Concept
  • Design Lead
  • Art Direction
  • Production