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Exploring the Metaverse

With Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) taking Web 3.0 by storm, I took this opportunity to immerse myself in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I find NFT creation an avenue to explore ideas outside of my day job. Whether I’m unearthing projects from the digital archives or reacting to trends, NFTs offer freedom of creative expression. My work is available for purchase on OpenSea. Ethereum address: travislum.eth

NFT Squid Gamer Soldiers

Squid Gamer

Netflix dropped the global smash Squid Game and it has permeated every facet of our lexicon. So much so I was inspired to create a minimally-designed collection based on the most iconic symbols in this game of survival. By far my most successful collection, snap up these NFTs before they’re eliminated.

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NFT Squid Gamer Collection
NFT Squid Gamer Front Man Mask
NFT Squid Gamer Vote Buttons


KryptoJs was created as a satirical approach to CryptoPunks—a curated 24x24 pixel collection. Instead of human-based models, I wanted to challenge the idea of what a collectible token was. With sneakerheads devouring Js worldwide, I thought it could be interesting crafting a digital collection of kicks inspired by his Royal Airness. These KryptoJs are timed to drop with actual physical releases.

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NFT KryptoJs Bred Banned
NFT KryptoJs Spider-Verse & Spider-Man
NFT KryptoJs Collection

Happy Tacos

Creating at a digital agency means stirring up crazy ideas—most of which never make it to the cutting room floor. Taco Bell definitely composted some crunchy ideas when I designed their mobile ordering app. These Happy Tacos are, well, happy rollin’ outta the digital grave and back as fiery NFTacos. Only 100 variants concocted.

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NFT Happy Tacos Cruncy
NFT Happy Tacos Soft & DLT Ranch
NFT Happy Tacos Collection

Colin Kaepernick

With Netflix set to release Colin in Black & White, I felt it would be apropos creating a collection based on the polarizing ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback. Kaepernick and his controversial stance (or kneeling in this case) brought to light police brutality and social injustice. In the wake of George Floyd’s death Kap wasn’t wrong.

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NFT Kaepernick: Colin in Black & White
NFT Kaepernick Believe & Sacrifice
NFT Kaepernick Collection

Toaster Klay

The 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors was a brand of beautiful basketball. The way the team moved the rock around and made splash after splash simply boggled the mind. This limited edition collection is loaded with toasters inspired by the time Klay Thompson signed one during that magical season. Make a splash and sink your teeth in while they’re hot—there are only 5.

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NFT Toaster Klay Road
NFT Toaster Klay Collection


  • Concept
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • Illustration