Nike Golf Snapchat GeoFilter

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Every October, Nike Golf hosts a college golf tournament in Fort Worth, Texas—the Nike Golf Collegiate Invitational (NCi). With the recent rise in energy around NCAA Golf, I took a swing at creating a Snapchat GeoFilter for players and fans to use during the event.

NCi on Snapchat
Preparing GeoFilter on Snapchat

Behind each geofilter, a choreographed effort of concepting and design gives rise to NCi’s vision. In addition to leading the creative team, I concepted, sketched, and designed numerous visual directions for this filter.

Wind, Water, and Sand Hazards Concept

The NCi field is comprised of 15 Nike Golf Elite Schools ready for rivalries.

Oregon Golf
Vanderbilt Golf
Stanford Golf

My minimalist design served the dual role of allowing Snapchat users to brand their stories and building brand awareness for NCi and Colonial Country Club.

NCi Logo
Snapchat Geofilter with School Stories
Stanford Golf
Vanderbilt Golf
Snapchat Geofilter with Fan Stories
Oregon Golf
Oregon Golf


  • Concept
  • Design Lead
  • Art Direction
  • Production