Charles Schwab Marquee Strategy

Prospects, Meet Modernity

When Charles Schwab, a leader in the finance industry, began noticing a downturn in traffic to their website, they approached our team to craft a new, strategic experience that could nimbly adapt to their changing needs. I worked with Schwab to design flexible marketing, promotional, and news oriented solutions for their most visible piece of digital real estate—their homepage marquee.

Marquee Strategy

To appeal to current and future prospects, I designed a variety of visual solutions. This includes brand infused gradients, photography, and illustrations.

Branded Gradients
Photography: Advisor
Photography: Support
Illustration: IRA
Illustration: Robo Advisor

The marquees were further designed to live independently, tell a cohesive story, or display a combination of varying content.

Single Marquee
Single Marquees
Single Marquee In Situ
Cohesive Story
Mixed Marquees
Mixed Marquees In Situ

Further pushing modernity, I created each marquee system with mobile-first thinking. Pertinent content was always visible or within one or two scrolls.

Mobile-First Approach
Mobile Marquees In Situ
Photography: Modern


  • Brand Development
  • Concept
  • Design Lead
  • Art Direction