Charles Schwab Mutual Funds

Investing in Modernization

Like their mantra ‘a more modern way to invest’, Charles Schwab decided to invest in their website experience section by section. Our team tackled Mutual Funds head on with a more succinct direction. Instead of a text-heavy, monotonous approach, I introduced photography, color, new web components to help make content easy to understand and snackable.

Mutual Funds Overview

Photography and illustrations can help offset a rather stark page. So I selected abstract glass buildings and created illustrations and charts to give Mutual Funds a humanistic touch.

Photography: Glass Building
Photography: Glass Archway
Illustration: Mutual Funds
Illustration: Pie Charts

Schwab primarily employs white as its base color. I infused Mutual Funds with more of their brand colors to help delineate the sections throughout a page.

Understanding Mutual Funds, Benefits & Considerations
All-In-One Funds
Photography: Glass Building 3
Fees & Costs, Types of Mutual Funds, Index Funds
Mobile Branded Colors

Comparison charts and tables that were traditionally long and robust are now compact and easy to understand. I took a mobile-first approach when redesigning these sets of complex information.

Mobile-First: Schwab Target Index Funds
Mobile-First: Diversified Portfolio
Mobile-First: Actively Managed Funds
All-In-One Funds


  • Brand Development
  • Strategy
  • Design Lead
  • Art Direction