T-Mobile San Francisco LED

SF Hella Open

For T-Mobile’s sixth signature store, could there be a better locale than the city by the bay? Positioned at the heart of the tech industry, T-Mobile showcases their latest innovations and products while staying true to their core. I created and implemented a wide array of digital and analog experiences that live all throughout the retail environment.


T-Mobile San Francisco Signature Store

At the hub of the store are four, two-story LED-wrapped columns, filling the space with an energetic magenta ambiance I helped concept early on.

T-Mobile San Francisco LED Columns

One of my core tasks included concepting and creating the digital LED experience for the soundbooth stationed on the first floor. I created the speaker system aesthetic as well as storyboarded the all of the promotional brand interstitials.

T-Mobile San Francisco LED Soundbooth

Other tasks include designing and storyboarding a Victorian house LED interstitial and the production of branded posters that both live on the second floor.

T-Mobile San Francisco Second Floor
T-Mobile San Francisco Fabric Art

Our team also installed a 30-foot reactive experience near the entrance on the first floor, allowing visitors to engage and interact with the LED screen. I concepted a variety of these reactive experiences in addition to creating and storyboarding multiple 20-45 second branded marketing clips that play on this wall.

T-Mobile San Francisco LED Living Wall
T-Mobile San Francisco LED Reactive Wall


  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Design Lead
  • Art Direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Production