T-Mobile Simon Interactive Game

Holiday Fun

What happens when T-Mobile gives our team some ornaments, a large interactive touchscreen, and four weeks to craft something before Thanksgiving? The result is a holiday-themed game that harkens back to our childhood. Simon starts off as a breeze, but ramps up quickly. It lives only in T-Mobile’s signature retail stores located in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Santa Monica.

T-Mobile Ornament Chandelier

Simon was a collaborative effort between our creative and emerging experiences teams. The director of technology and I concepted and pitched the idea to T-Mobile. From there, I created the user flows, visual UI, and game interactions. Our team of motion designers and engineers in San Francisco and Seattle then developed and deployed the game in store.

User Flow & In Situ Visual
Client Review
Creative Review

Our sound designer created a series of chimes, UI sounds, and background music to evoke the preciousness of T-Mobile’s ornaments and holiday theme. We also animated several branded emojis to encourage you throughout gameplay.

T-Mobile Ornaments
T-Mobile Emojis

T-Mobile’s holiday mantra ‘All Decked Out’ can be seen, heard, and felt throughout this fun, engaging, and lightweight experience.

Simon Intro
Mounts & Subframe
Simon Gameplay
Reflective Ornaments


  • Concept
  • User Experience
  • Design Lead
  • Art Direction