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COVID-19 Vaccine

Quite possibly the most important feature on the myWalgreens app is the COVID-19 vaccine experience. I worked on multiple facets of the vaccination journey from the home screen where customers can sign-up for eligibility, the scheduler for their appointments, the check-in, and post-vaccination. Unexpectedly hearing from those who used this feature made everything worthwhile.

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Walgreens COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments Booked

Product Journey

Our design team was briefed and given eight weeks to complete the COVID-19 Vaccine experience from start to finish. Leveraging InVision Freehand, our team quickly iterated user journeys, flows, and wireframes.

Walgreens COVID-19 Brief
Walgreens COVID-19 Journey
Walgreens COVID-19 Wireframes

Visual Design

With the intent of this experience vaccinating patients as soon as possible, there wasn’t a need for heavy visuals. Most of the design patterns and styles were lifted from HealthCast. However, I did have an opportunity to design and animate two branded illustrations that make their appearance at the tail end of this experience.

Walgreens COVID-19 Heart Animation
Walgreens COVID-19 Shield Animation
Walgreens COVID-19 Visual Design Journey
Walgreens COVID-19 Visual Design Post-Vaccination

Vaccination Status

Living prominently on the gateway, the vaccination status was used as both an entry point for the COVID-19 vaccine experience as well to allow patients know where they were in their journey. Patients would then enter their eligibility before proceeding to scheduling an appointment.

Walgreens COVID-19 Vaccination Status
Walgreens COVID-19 Prep Journey

Availability & Eligibility

Before patients are able to schedule their vaccination appointments, Walgreens required they check their eligibility and the vaccine’s availability. This process was designed to be relatively quick and intuitive.

Walgreens COVID-19 Eligibility
Walgreens COVID-19 Eligibility Flow


Once a patient is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, the next step of their journey is booking appointments for both their first and second vaccines in tandem. Not only did I design the visual direction, I worked on the entire user experience. Calendar dates are disabled either 3- or 4-weeks depending on whether the vaccine is Pfizer or Moderna. Patients receive a confirmation after booking their appointments.

Walgreens COVID-19 Scheduling
Walgreens COVID-19 Scheduling Flow

Edit Store Location

Included in the COVID-19 vaccine experience is the ability to edit your store. Patients can select their store of choice in list or full map view. Full store details are also made available. I designed the entire experience and as well as documented the expectations of how these templates will function.

Walgreens COVID-19 Edit Location
Walgreens COVID-19 Edit Location Flow

Digital Wallet & Vaccination Record Card

At the tail end of the vaccine journey, I concepting and designed the digital wallet and vaccination record card experience. Once a patients books their appointments they receive a confimation. After being vaccinated, they receive a thank you screen that can be shared as well as a record card used as proof of being vaccinated.

Walgreens COVID-19 Wallet and Vaccination Record Card
Walgreens COVID-19 Wallet and Vaccination Record Card Flow

Simplified Experience

Ultimately, our Walgreens partner decided to simplify the overall vaccination experience. I set out to pare-down the scheduler, store locator, and confirmation to just a few key screens. Patients were able to schedule their appointments with greater ease as a result.

Walgreens COVID-19 Experience
Walgreens Vaccination Experience Simplified Scheduling
Walgreens Photography: Air Quality


  • Brand Development
  • Concept
  • User Experience
  • Design Lead
  • Art Direction
  • Production