Walgreens Mobile App

Wellbeing Reimagined

Initially starting as a pitch and transitioning into an actual experience, there was an opportunity to improve upon Walgreen’s existing mobile app. Our team focused primarily on patient wellness. This includes wellbeing forecasts, community health articles, virtual classes, rewards, beauty, and more.

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Walgreens Mobile App

From Pitch to Project

For the Walgreens pitch our team was tasked with creating a rapid prototype with a complete app experience. I helped with multiple templates including account overview, schedules, rewards, AR makeup try-on, and product bundles.

Walgreens Gateway
Walgreens Account Overview Templates
Walgreens Tap Cards
Walgreens Tap Card Templates
Walgreens AR Makeup Try-on
Walgreens Product Bundles Templates

Brand Update

With Walgreens unveiling an updated brand identity, I helped push their new visual direction digitally. Grittier, less polished, and more authentic photography was introduced. A new graphic thread was employed, leading me to design a set of threadlike icons and illustrations. I also helped create typography styles and patterns that live throughout the app.

Walgreens Photography: Mother and Daughter Touching Heads
Walgreens Photography: Boys Soccer Team Rolling On Ground
Walgreens Photography: Woman Sipping Tea
Walgreens Photography: Mother and Daughter Napping
Walgreens Typography
Walgreens Thread Icons


The heart and soul of this project is HealthCast (health forecast). The core experience I helped designed lives in series of carousel cards above a customer’s profile. HealthCast and its carousel cards range from environmental factors like weather and air quality, to community health, virtual fitness, and more.

Walgreens Announces Launch of myWalgreens

Walgreens Wellcast

Welcome Screens

Here I designed a series of welcome screens introducing HealthCast and its benefits for new and returning patients.

Walgreens Welcome Screens

Community Health Articles

Because Walgreens’ approach is for the everyman, they wanted to provide their patients with regularly updated community health articles. Each of these curated articles are available based on location and seasonality.

Walgreens Community Health Articles
Walgreens Community Health All Articles

Virtual Fitness

One feature I was tasked with owning is EverPass—a virtual fitness source where customers can engage in activities like HIIT, Yoga, Meditation, and more. Patients start streaks of a particular activity, earning a reward at its completion. In addition, Walgreens offers suggested and sponsored videos and podcasts.

Walgreens EverPass
Walgreens EverPass Templates
Walgreens EverPass Components
Walgreens Photography: Cycling


Following on the heels of virtual fitness are rewards. If a patient completes a streak of exercises several days in a row, they receive a badge for their achievement. These badges can be shared out and are aggregated on their Walgreens profile.

Walgreens Rewards
Walgreens Rewards Flow

Product Bundles

Another feature I owned is product bundles—a component comprised of related products within a common category. Walgreens being a retailer wanted to make it easy for patients to add similar or like products to their shopping carts with ease. I created all states for this component.

Walgreens Bundle
Walgreens Bundles Component States
Walgreens Photography: Wellness


  • Brand Development
  • Concept
  • User Experience
  • Design Lead
  • Art Direction
  • Production